New Case Study

Setting up a pragmatic Data Governance Framework that helps your business
Typical R&D firms have gradually begun to realize that a robust Data Governance mechanism far outweighs the cost curtailing or controlling measures in short term. Regulatory environment under GxP has become stricter for R&D Labs wherein Lab managers are increasingly faced with complex data governance challenges. To download the Case Study, click on this link.

The Goal
Manage data as enterprise assets that support your business to reach its goals.

• Information Silo’s
• Cross Border Business Complexities
• Lack of Ownership & Culture
• Legacy IT
• Investment

• Data Management Maturity Assessment
• Use-Case Driven MVPs
• Harmonized Data Model
• Ref. & Master Data Management solution
• Enterprise Data Governance Framework
• Enterprise Data Quality

• Federated Data Governance Structure
• Improved Return on Data Asset
• Cost Savings on Data Exploration
• Improved Data Quality Score
• Improved Enterprise Data Lineage