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Our mission is to CONNECT DATA, PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS. OSTHUS innovation discovers new solutions by working closely with you in teams, so you have both control and choice. Together, we find that best solution specific to your needs.



With more than 20 years of experience, OSTHUS stands for reliability, cooperation and quality. We work together with our clients to address their key R&D-, business- and technology challenges.

OSTHUS always delivers.


Forget the buzzwords. We focus on results. Remember that the purpose of any new technology system is to help people. We make sure this never gets lost.

OSTHUS builds improvements in how you work.


The world is always changing. OSTHUS experts continuously learn and improve their skills. OSTHUS projects are formed around interdisciplinary, top-talented teams.

OSTHUS provides the perfect people for your project.


Projects succeed or fail because of communication. OSTHUS ensures success by aligning people, setting shared goals, and building teams that work well together.

OSTHUS employees are experts at collaboration.


Statement by the CEO on the significance of the Code of Conduct

Please find the Code of Conduct here

Ladies and gentlemen,

Our common mission is to connect data, people and organizations to accelerate innovation for the benefit of mankind.

Our compass is geared towards sustainable benefits for our customers and gives us direction and strength. Continuous learning, taking on responsibility, trust and a focus on results are our core values. We work together with our customers in international and interdisciplinary teams and solve the central technical and technological challenges of our customers based on our innovative strength.

The people who work in our company are the most important asset of our company. Investing in them is the foundation of our innovative strength and efficiency.

Responsible and ethical conduct towards our employees, business partners, the environment and society is important to us and an integral part of the corporate culture at OSTHUS. We see each individual, taking into account their talents and abilities. It is our goal to enable everyone to build on their strengths and to find and develop their role.

Working within the legally prescribed limits, such as labor law, occupational safety, data protection and data security, is just as important as working responsibly in dealing with the environment, ethics and human rights. Breaches of these laws are incompatible with our values and corporate culture. The integrity of the company is an important building block in our sustainable marketing and in dealing with our customers. By living according to our compass and values, our customers' trust in our company, our competence and our results constantly advance. In this way, we can follow our mission and contribute to a sustainable development of the environment and society.

Activities that contradict our Code of Conduct or directed against the company's economic success are consistently pursued to be avoided. This way we sustainably secure the company, guarantee our customers long-term support and secure jobs for our employees and thus their financial basis for their families. A stable corporate policy also allows us to have a positive impact on our environment in order to be able to make an active contribution here as well.

The Code of Conduct provides us with a basis for our actions and represents a minimum standard for accountable and socially responsible work. It gives us orientation for our conduct within the company, towards our customers, the environment and society.

Further, the code of conduct sensitizes us to potential risks and helps us to avoid violations of the law. Each of us is obliged to adhere to the principles laid down here and to inform the responsible persons of any deviations from them. I would like to point out once again that our corporate culture is based on the following values:

  • Learning: Lifelong learning and further development is a basis for our continuing success and for our social commitment in everyday life. We take into account new social and technical trends.
  • Responsibility: We know and respect the laws and regulations that are relevant to us and are aware of our social responsibility. Managers practice our values and corporate culture in a credible manner and take consistent action against any conduct that is not in accordance with the law or the company's core values.
  • Trust: The trust placed in our colleagues, our business partners and, above all that, the trust placed in us is the basis for a sustainable cooperation. Personal integrity and transparency are the basic prerequisites for this. Managers have a special role model function here. By trust, we also mean trusting in others.
  • Results: We focus on results and creating sustainable value. This enables us to deliver the best possible service to our customers and to act with integrity and without conflicts of interest.

The continuous development and growth of our company largely depends on our commitment to social responsibility and our reputation as a trustworthy business partner. We thank you for your contribution to this through the integrity of your personal behavior.

Kind regards,
Andreas Mohr (CEO)


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To Successful Implementation

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OSTHUS business and technology experts
advise, solve and serve you and your goals
spanning the entire Life Science R&D lifecycle.



Since 1996, OSTHUS has
provided critical value to
many life science ecosystems.


OSTHUS is a leading solution provider
in life science informatics and as the
Framework Architect for Allotrope Foundation.


OSTHUS attracts experts across the
globe. Our interdisciplinary teams serve
as a foundation for innovation / collaborations.


With a focus on the R&D life sciences
OSTHUS works with 12 of the top 20
biotech and pharma companies worldwide.

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