Conferences Q3, 2018

Sept 19th – 20th: Chemical Innovation Exchange, Frankfurt – Learn more
CIEX is all about creating value – though bringing the right people together, through creating synergies, and through actively connecting potential partners.

Sept 20th -21th: HTC – 15th Pharma IT Congress, London – Learn more
Meet 300 attendees representing global pharmaceutical organisations and leading biotech companies.

Oct 10th: Pistoia Annual US Meeting, Boston – Learn more
The Pistoia Alliance US Conference 2018 will offer delegates an opportunity to debate the convergence that is taking place across the pharma and life science R&D value chain, and identify key areas where the Pistoia Alliance, already a thought leader in many of these areas, can set up collaborative projects that will make a real difference to research.

Oct 29th – 30st: Pharma R&D Informatics, London – Learn more
Pharma and biotech companies are currently facing the challenge of big data; with an increasing amount of data constantly being generated, the industry must develop new technologies and utilise new strategies to successfully structure, analyse and integrate this knowledge.