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OSTHUS, a PharmaLex Company, is a multinational digital R&D consultancy headquartered in Aachen, Germany. For over two decades, we have worked with executive teams in the life sciences industry to introduce a culture of innovation that drives enterprise value.

With data innovation frameworks deployed in 16 of the top 20 big pharmaceutical companies in the world, we offer a strong track record of reducing costs while increasing time-to-market for complex data initiatives. We offer a pragmatic methodology for companies seeking to leverage a vendor-agnostic approach in the pursuit of successful data and IT strategy, data governance, and advanced analytics.

Our Story

Removing barriers to innovation is our passion. For over 25 years, OSTHUS has partnered with innovators to co-create high impact data technologies.

We believe the best data solutions begin with a deep understanding of people. Since 1996, we've introduced a culture of data innovation to many top companies in the industry. Our data scientists have built a legacy of innovation through the development of the highest performing data technologies.

Our clients represent leaders in big pharma and innovation. By working with OSTHUS, they gain a competitive advantage in the market and save millions per year on average.

What we're up to

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The OSTHUS way

OSTHUS supports the world’s most regulated industries in developing data best practices. Our holistic approach to data innovation gives companies the confidence they need to launch data initiatives at scale.

Discover how to develop best practices that serve your entire enterprise.


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Our Vision

OSTHUS is a customer-centric company of forward thinkers who can execute a vision that encompasses both short-term value and long-term integrity. We build bridges between data, people, and organizations, leveraging data as an asset through automation.

We enable true digital transformation by bridging the “old” world of databases and applications with the “new” world of AI, datacentricity, and business innovation. This strategy reduces time-to-market, lowers operational costs, ensures the development of data assets, and secures regulatory compliance at an enterprise scale.

The Allotrope Architect -
an innovative data solution

OSTHUS serves as a leader in standardizing how companies secure, acquire, and share their data. In 2013, OSTHUS developed the Allotrope Framework in collaboration with the Allotrope Foundation, an organization that sets best practices for accessing and sharing assets. With the Allotrope Framework, you can store datasets of nearly unlimited size and complexity in a single file. You can also easily record the measurements of experiments, including time series and hyper-dimensional data.

The Allotrope Data Format (ADF) is capable of storing metadata and instrument settings. ADF is portable, allowing for easy file transfer and use across operating systems and vendor platforms. With this powerful technology, OSTHUS Services is capable of delivering innovative solutions and accelerating time-to-market.

Code of Conduct

Please find our full Code of Conduct here.

Following, a note from our CEO:

Our profession, success and value creation depend on our clients’ trust. Therefore, our Code of Conduct represents a minimum standard for accountable and socially responsible work. As each of us adheres to the following principles, we can avoid potential risks and violations of the law and contribute to continuous growth and success.

Our common mission is to connect data, people, and organizations to accelerate innovation for the benefit of mankind. We work together with our customers in international and interdisciplinary teams to solve the central technical challenges of our time.

Our compass is geared towards sustainable benefits for our customers and gives us direction and strength. Continuous learning, taking on responsibility, cultivating trust, and achieving results are our core values.

  • Learning: Lifelong learning is a basis for our continuing success and social commitment in everyday life. We take into account new social and technical trends.
  • Responsibility: We know and respect the laws and regulations that are relevant to us, and we are aware of our social responsibility. Managers practice our values and corporate culture in a credible manner and take consistent action against any conduct that is not in accordance with the law or the company's core values.
  • Trust: Personal integrity and transparency are the basic prerequisites cultivating trust. The trust placed in our colleagues, our business partners and, above all that, the trust placed in us is the basis for a sustainable cooperation.
  • Results: We focus on results and creating sustainable value. This enables us to deliver the best possible service to our customers and to act with integrity, without conflicts of interest.

The people who work in our company are the most important asset of our company. Investing in them is the foundation of strength and efficiency.

Responsible and ethical conduct for our employees, business partners, the environment, and society is an integral part of the corporate culture at OSTHUS. We value each individual, respecting their personal talents and abilities. It is our goal to enable every person to develop their strengths and magnify their role.

Working within the legally prescribed limits, such as labor laws, occupational safety, data protection, and data security, is just as important as working responsibly in dealing with the environment, ethics, and human rights. Breaches of these laws are incompatible with our values and corporate culture. The integrity of the company is an important building block in sustainable marketing and customer interaction. By living according to our compass and values, our customers' trust in our company, our expertise, and our results. In this way, we contribute to a sustainable development of the environment and society.

We reject activities that contradict our Code of Conduct in order to sustainably secure the company, guarantee our customers long-term support, and provide jobs for our employees and their families. A stable corporate policy also allows us to have a positive impact on our environment.

The continuous development and growth of our company largely depends on our commitment to social responsibility and our reputation as a trustworthy business partner. We thank you for your contribution to this through the integrity of your personal behavior.

Kind regards,

Andreas Mohr

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