Microbial genomics for accelerated vaccine development
Approaches towards insights on pathogen evolution Key Points Background: Importance of microbial genomics Microbial genomics is a...
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Streamlining R&D with Standardized OMICs Data Analysis Workflows
OMICs technologies uncovered several unknown aspects of central dogma Several scientific and technological advances uncovered new...
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Multi-Omics Data Integration in Drug Discovery
Integrating multi-omics data in drug discovery promises accelerated insights for precision medicine. OSTHUS navigates challenges...
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OSTHUS: Your Trusted IDMP Ontology Implementation Partner For A Successful Adoption Journey
If you work within pharmaceutical industry, chances are you are familiar with IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Products) - a set...
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OSTHUS merger with PharmaLex builds on innovation and operational excellence!
Our merger with PharmaLex brings exciting opportunities to expand our global capabilities and build on our commitment to...
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OSTHUS expands its partner network
To provide our customers with the best service possible, OSTHUS expands its partner network with Alation, an industry leader in...
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