Streamlined R&D

Your data becomes a valuable asset with the proper digital processes in place. We eliminate the gap between your lab IT landscape and your vision, so you can turn data into knowledge and accelerate innovation.

The OSTHUS approach is all about improving life science processes using laboratory IT applications (ELN, LIMS, LES, sample & inventory management, registration....), automation and system integration. With our domain and technical knowledge, we help you to control your data and embrace your digital future.

Enhance your lab processes

OSTHUS can help you implement lab informatics solutions that meet your specific business needs. Our services will enable you to capture data in a digital format and automate your workflow for improved reusability and a faster time-to-market.
Easily find and access your data
Reduce manual effort, duplicate work, and data silos.
Determine a clear path to digitalization
Outline a step-by-step plan and implement a solution that meets your needs.
Harmonize your lab IT landscape
Replace your paper-based processes with automation to improve reusability and enable collaboration.
Build your digital future
Enable informed decision-making by preparing your data for advanced analytics.

Our Expertise

Our personalized lab informatics approach and domain expertise will help you introduce solutions that streamline your workflow in the following areas:

Lab automation

With autonomous lab processes, you can get more done in less time in a more standardized way.


We accompany you on your digital journey and help bring your lab informatics to the next level.

Instrument integration

We simplify your workflow by integrating your instruments and individuals systems into an all-in-one solution.

Systems selection

Laboratory processes are often hindered by cumbersome manual tasks, paper-based systems, old technology and scattered data. To improve, we help you select the right solution for the right situation to protect your assets and ensure efficiency.
How OSTHUS services work

Our consulting experts will help you to:

Understand your current situation, define your business needs, and capture your requirements.
Discover your vision.
Establish a systematic roadmap toward a data-centric future.
Engage, motivate, and convince stakeholders across the enterprise.

Our solutions experts will:

Select the right tools and systems for your situation.
Configure a solution that provides a foundation of data, technology, people, and processes to support your laboratories.
Evaluate and improve the solution to turn your vision into a reality.


Our customers love our practical approach to lab informatics. According to them, you can expect to:
  • Replace manual workflows with digitalized processes
  • Improve your search capabilities with better data findability
  • Reduce data silos, obsolete legacy applications, and integrity risks
  • Harmonize lab documentation, systems, and processes to improve scalability
  • Build a foundation for data analytics and data science

Unlike other consulting services, we move beyond the presentations, staying right alongside you as you implement our pragmatic solutions.

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