Treat your data like an asset

Your data becomes a valuable asset when properly managed. We’re here to help you get there.

The OSTHUS approach to data and IT strategy is all about implementing data governance processes and the right technologies, so you can get the most out of your data. With our domain knowledge of the technology landscape, you can develop a solid understanding of how the product lifecycle fits into your long-term enterprise goals.

Take control of your data

OSTHUS can help you create and implement a data and IT strategy tailored to your specific business needs. Our services will enable you to replace uncertainty with confidence, short-term focus with long-term vision, and reactivity with proactivity.
Future-proof your organization
Navigate industry trends and maintain your competitive edge.
Align your data with enterprise goals
Manage your data while addressing your business needs.
Accelerate results for a faster time-to-market
Control the organization, governance, and analysis of all your data.
Establish a data-centric culture
Define responsibilities, roles, and standards, so you can make data-driven decisions.

Our Expertise

With our personal approach to business strategy and extensive knowledge of data systems and IT landscapes, we enable you to make decisions with confidence and identify new revenues of growth in the following areas:


We prepare you to meet future needs by initiating your digital transformation today. Don’t let your competition leave you in the dust.

System landscape

We teach you how to use the right tool for the right situation. Reduce risk by making better decisions in a complex technological landscape.

Data and IT architecture

We provide future-resistant designs at enterprise scale for high-quality data you can trust.

Data lifecycle strategy

We help you clearly define data management and accessibility across your organization

Implementation of standards

We harmonize and align disparate data sources to a common model for efficient data sharing and reuse.
How OSTHUS services work

Our consulting experts will help you to:

Understand your current situation, define your business needs, and validate requirements.
your vision.
Secure a
Establish a
Engage, motivate, and convince stakeholders across the enterprise.

Our solutions experts will:

Select the right tool for your situation.
Build a full-blown solution in 2-3 months if needed.
Implement solutions in less than four months that provide a foundation of data, technology, people, and processes to support an enterprise scale-up.
Define evaluation metrics to improve results.


Our customers love our practical approach to data and IT strategy. According to them, you can expect to:
  • Improve the structure and transparency of your departments
  • Reduce manual labor (especially those pesky spreadsheets), updates and migrations, obsolete legacy applications, and integrity risks.
  • Align IT and business for longer product lifecycles
  • Increase stakeholder and customer engagement
  • Improve data quality, reusability, and analytics for shorter project timelines

Unlike other consulting services, we move beyond the presentations, staying right alongside you as you implement our pragmatic solutions.

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