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Our Values

Trust, results, learning, and responsibility.

These are the values we uphold at OSTHUS. We cultivate trust with constructive feedback and quality time. As employees take advantage of OSTHUS learning opportunities, they can achieve results and foster their own development, both personally and professionally. When individuals take responsibility for their part, it will empower them to improve results for the entire company and better meet the needs of our customers. To support these values, we work hard to create an environment that cultivates autonomy, creativity, and communication.

Personal and Professional Development

Develop skills with our course programs, study books at the OSTHUS Library, and participate in lectures as an attendee or presenter. With access to an online platform with over 4,000 classes and trainings, you can discover new ideas, overcome challenges, and learn the skills you need for a successful career.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Our 1:1 coaching services provide professional guidance for all employee's pressing personal and career concerns. Discover your true potential by overcoming limiting beliefs and feeling empowered to handle daily challenges.

Body and Mind Activities

OSTHUS takes a holistic approach to personal development and well-being. For example, every month you can get a massage from a highly-trained massage therapist to relieve stress. And the best thing, it's working time.

Mobile Working

At OSTHUS, we understand the need for an adaptable workplace that enables you to juggle your personal and professional responsibilities. That's why we offer mobile working. You can work from anywhere and access all the information you need on your personal or workplace devices.

Social Activities

To enhance team spirit and foster cross-team communication, we offer social events once per quarter. We also have a bowling night once a month and an online, cross-cultural hackathon. You will cultivate a stronger team and develop a connection across company locations as you attend our events together.

Weekly breakfast, fruit, and drinks

Our weekly breakfasts are available at all company sites. Employees can also access free drinks and fruit at work all day, every day.

Ticket Plus Card

Enjoy a shopping spree, additional gas money, or a nice dinner with friends with 40 euros per month on us. Easily access these funds with your Ticket Plus Card.


Job Bike

Rent a JobRad for 3 years via payroll and OSTHUS will cover the costs for bike inspections. Improve your health and save the environment by biking to your daily destinations.

Annual Celebrations

The OSTHUS summer party and Christmas gala is a highlight every year. Employees can celebrate the holidays with their families in a festive environment. 

Direct Insurance

OSTHUS offers an extensive occupational pension scheme. Employees can also elect to convert part of their gross income into additional company pension benefits - and OSTHUS increases contributions.

E-car charging stations

As part of our sustainability movement, we provide six e-car charging facilities for both company and personal cars. We love supporting your efforts to reduce emissions, improve public health, and prevent environmental damage. 

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Janina Wirtz

Hailing from the tri-border area where Germany meets Belgium and the Netherlands, Janina is Head of Learning and Development at OSTHUS. She is dedicated to educating and inspiring people about personal and professional development. She is a yoga enthusiast and loves podcasts.

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