Be Part of the Future

Do you have a vision of what is possible and do you believe in that vision enough to carry it through?
Can you see the possibilities for how to make today’s world better?
Are you creative, an innovator, perceptive and good at strategy?
Are you a constant learner?

So are we. Come join OSTHUS, where you will get that chance to shape the future.

Apprenticeship as IT Specialist (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Consultant Data Governance & Architecture (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Consultant Data Governance & Strategy (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Controlling Assistant (m/f/d)AachenGermany
DevOps Engineer (m/f/d)AachenGermany
IT Customer Service Engineer (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Pre Sales Consultant (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Product Owner (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Project Manager (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Senior Cloud Consultant (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Senior Consultant Information Architecture (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Software Architect (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Student Account Management (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Student Consulting (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Student Marketing (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Student Office & HR (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Student IT (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Student IT Services (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Student scientific ontologies (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Systemadministrator (m/f/d)AachenGermany
System Integrator (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Technical Writer (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Test Engineer (m/f/d)AachenGermany
Vice President Marketing - US & EMEA (m/f/d) - OSTHUS Group GmbHGermany
Analytics/Machine Learning EngineerMelbourne, FloridaUSA
Cloud Database or Big Data ExpertMelbourne, FloridaUSA
DevOps EngineerMelbourne, FloridaUSA
Semantic Technologist/Ontology EngineerMelbourne, FloridaUSA
Senior DevOps EngineerMelbourne, FloridaUSA
Senior Software Engineer / Senior Software DeveloperMelbourne, FloridaUSA
Account Executive - Enterprise - US & EMEA (m/f/d) - LeapAnalysis Inc.USA
Sales Development Representative (m/f/d) - LeapAnalysis Inc.USA
Solution Consultant (Pre-Sales) - EMEA (m/f/d) - LeapAnalysis Inc.USA
Account Executive - Enterprise - US & EMEA (m/f/d) - ZONTAL Inc.USA
Sales Development Representative (m/f/d) - ZONTAL Inc.USA
Solution Consultant (Pre-Sales) - EMEA (m/f/d) - ZONTAL Inc.USA

Why Osthus

Together, We Shape the Future.

The talented people at OSTHUS don’t just create solutions — they create the kind of change that’s revolutionized our customer’s and partner’s business.
It’s the diversity of our people and their ideas that inspires the innovation that runs through everything we do, from amazing technology solutions to industry-leading collaboration.

  • OSTHUS is a leader in Scientific Informatics. Our clients are the top companies in Pharma, Biotech and Life Sciences. With locations in Europe, USA and Asia, where we give you the opportunity to create your vision, give it form, make it a reality.
  • OSTHUS is focused on the success of our customer / partners. We dream with our clients and we make those dream come true.
  • OSTHUS co-creates vision and lives it with our clients by finding the answers no one has thought of before.

Personal Development

Our corporate culture is shaped by two principles, which represent not only an important orientation but the basis for the success of our business. The will to improve and the distinct definition of goals serve as a compass, that presets our direction.

Always improving

Who knows the target can decide; who decides, finds calmness; who finds calmness, is safe; who is safe, can think; who thinks, can improve.
- Confucius

Through innovation, inspiration and the search for new ways, we build strength, overcome weakness and develop solutions with the best value together with our customers and partners. Open communication, with transparent feedback, combined with trust, leads OSTHUS people to achieve the best of our ability, which in-turn benefits customers, partners and employees alike.

Clear goals

When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.
- Seneca

Our focus on results gives us our direction. A common vision establishes a clear definition of the goals, which is supported by all, aligns us to our strengths and frees our potential.

Your Spot at Osthus

OSTHUS offers training seminars and individual coaching in the areas of leadership, communication and organization. We provide you space to combine theory and practice, to contribute your potential and to expand your skills. Our open communication and transparent feedback culture combined with flexibility, trust and responsibility delivers the best performance and benefits both customers and partners as well as employees.

Functions at Osthus

Innovation for a better world.

Global Presence

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