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At OSTHUS, we offer digital R&D strategies and system integration that revolutionize businesses around the world. With locations in Europe, and the USA our responsible and diverse company provides an ideal opportunity to work with the life science industry's top companies to make their data dreams come true.

Do you have a vision for the digital future that inspires you to take action?
Can you see the possibilities for how to make today’s world better using digital solutions?
Are you a life-long learner who is innovative and perceptive?

Join OSTHUS to shape the digital future.

Team Scientific Data Insights

Leverage the latest and greatest technology to solve problems

Team Corporate

Maintain and enhance every aspect of the company

Team Data Strategy

Enable effective decision-making and help others achieve their goals

Team Data Governance

Regulate and protect the world's data

Team Infrastructure

Ensure everything runs smoothly within the company

Team Strategic Discovery Informatics

Bridging the gap between business and IT

Team Sales & Marketing

Address customer needs and offer innovative solutions

Employee Benefits

Work-life balance, competitive wages, company culture–these are just a few of the benefits our employees love about OSTHUS.

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