Manage your data like an asset

Your data becomes a valuable asset only with an executable data strategy and proper data governance in place. We’re here to help you get there.

The OSTHUS approach to data governance is all about defining proper methods, architectures, technologies, and behaviors to ensure the effective management of your data. By planning, monitoring, and introducing policies and processes, you can transform your entire organization.
Establish a data-centric culture
Define responsibilities, roles, and standards to improve data quality and make informed decisions.
Stay ahead of the competition
Increase automation and analytical capabilities to discover new avenues for innovation at scale.
Be proactive instead of reactive
Develop a structure to manage your data and avoid potential issues before they get severe.
Monitor your data flow
Understand how your data interacts to detect bottlenecks and improve collaboration effectively.

Our Expertise

As certified experts, we created the benchmark for data management by connecting executive goals and IT processes with data governance practices.
Our practical approach ensures your data is managed as an asset rather than an afterthought.

The FAIR guiding principles

We provide a set of guidelines to improve the findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability of your digital assets. This will give you more confidence in your data and accelerate time-to-market.

Data Modelling

We create data models that represent your data in a common standard with extensions that capture different perspectives. Understand how to define, interact with, and use your data across organizational groups.

Reference and Master Data Management (RMDM)

We help you develop and maintain an enterprise-level service for consistent, accurate, and complete reference and master data. Tap into existing resources to avoid re-inventing what's already there.

Data Management Maturity Model (DMMM)

Our DCAM-certified experts assess your data maturity strengths and weaknesses, so you can learn where you stand and determine where you want to invest and improve.

Data Quality

We clarify your data’s business purpose by assessing your data quality needs and aligning with metrics that enable you to evaluate your processes. Track the quality of your data and improve your results.

Adoption of standards

We help you meet regulatory compliance and other standards so you can protect your company’s resources and reputation.
How OSTHUS services work

Our consulting experts will help you to:

Understand your current situation and define your business needs.
Discover your vision and outline an implementation roadmap.
Secure a budget with convincing business cases.
Prove the value of a data governance framework in 2-3 months with MVPs.

Our solutions experts will:

Select the right tools for your situation.
Build an integrated solution in 3-6 months.
Implement the solution in 3-6 months.

Define evaluation metrics to continuously improve results.


Our customers love our practical approach to data and IT strategy. According to them, you can expect to:
  • Improve the effectiveness of your data management effort
  • Increase data quality and reliability for better decision making
  • Minimize data duplication, missing reports, and wasted effort
  • Keep up with regulation, technology, and analytics
  • Reduce risk and accelerate time-to-market

Unlike other consulting services, we move beyond the presentation, staying right alongside you to help you implement pragmatic solutions.

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