How to accelerate time-to-market with a hybrid cloud architecture

  • Large-scale data ingestion, processing, and advanced analytics
  • Data silos prevent use of in-house and external data for cross-functional analytics
  • Conformed and contextualized data for downstream reporting and exploratory analysis
  • Ability to search across and move data between environments
  • 90-day assessment of Data and AI program to identify needs
  • SDF architectural blueprint that leveraged existing infrastructures
  • Solution alignment and application of data governance best practices
  • Enabled both on-premise and cloud-based computation capabilities
  • Streamlined data movement and processing at enterprise scale
  • Added context from reliable sources of truth for maximum reuse
  • Improved data management and process flexibility across all scientific workflows
  • Accelerated time-to-market and significantly reduced costs
Michael Moskal II
Director of US Operations
Rachel Wilson
Former Content Writer

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