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The Landscape of Cloud-based Semantic and Property Graph Databases
In part 1 of this series, we touched upon the concept of Graph (RDF and Property Graph) data models, their key differences, and typical use cases...
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Using Graph Data models for your Data & IT Strategy
In this white paper, we will help you understand one of the most prominent data models of the current times – the graph data model, specifically...
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Managing Data as a Product with Distributed Reference & Master Data
With the digitalization process, data has become the center of both traditional and research-intensive industries. Information needs from inside and...
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Data Governance: Why it matters and how you can adopt it
Data, when properly used, can give a business new insights and strategic advantages. However, leveraging this information in the most powerful way...
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8 Practical Steps to Get Started with Data Governance
Data governance is a big buzz word right now. However, it can be quite an abstract concept to grasp – is it a set of rules that should be followed?...
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Implement automated lab data integration with a successful data and IT strategy
One of the biggest challenges in the life science industry is data silos. Disparate data and complex systems make it difficult to find and reuse...
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