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Enabling employee satisfaction and success

OSTHUS knows that a successful company depends on the satisfaction and well-being of its employees. That's why we've put together strong corporate teams to take care of the financial, professional, and administrative needs of both the company and the employee.
Financial team
The financial team is responsible for financial planning, accounting, and controlling at OSTHUS. In addition to coordinating and preparing the monthly and annual financial statements, we support the project teams in commercial project management, developing budgets, solve accounting issues, and leading finance-driven projects.
HR and the Academy team

The human resources team manages OSTHUS personnel while balancing company interests with employee needs. From recruitment to advancement, our team's goal is to get the right people for the right positions and to support employee's with contracts, salaries, payroll, staff appraisals, and more.

The academy team also offers opportunities for personal and professional development. We take a holistic approach to growth in order to help employees become the best they can be.

Office team

The office team processes all administrative tasks like travel, billing, events, insurance, and more. We cultivate purposeful communication between employees, customers, and vendors to solve problems and present solutions.

The Corporate teams are looking for employees who are:

  • Instigators
  • Open minded
  • Empathetic
  • Customer-oriented
  • Reliable
  • Collaborative

If you know how to make a good first impression and cultivate strong relationships with employees and customers, we would love to have you on our team.

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Opportunities for everyone

Our team is committed to supporting diversity, inclusion, and belonging. We seek the most talented people with a variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and skills. We encourage applications from all genders, races, ages, religions, and sexual orientations.

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