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COVID-19 Risk Factors: Beyond the Media Hype

COVID-19 Risk Factors: Beyond the Media Hype

Using the ontologies corresponding to viruses, bacteria and diseases, we mined the abstracts of the literature records for simultaneous mentions of the ontology terms and COVID-19, and assessed their risk potential using two statistical metrics.

OSTHUS received the gold award from EcoVadis

OSTHUS received the gold award from EcoVadis

We are happy to announce that OSTHUS received the gold award from EcoVadis, which is a collaborative platform, providing Supplier Sustainability Ratings for global supply chains. The EcoVadis award is a CSR Rating that covers 21 criteria across environment, fair labor & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

New Case Study

New Case Study

Typical R&D firms have gradually begun to realize that a robust Data Governance mechanism far outweighs the cost curtailing or controlling measures in short term. Regulatory environment under GxP has become stricter for R&D Labs wherein Lab managers increasingly faced with complex data governance challenges. Download the full Case Study here!

Lab Informatics

Lab Maturity Model

The traditional lab

Every system has its own database. Stand-alone applications with little to no interoperability. A world of Excel and paper records.

Immediate Need

  • Transformation of data formats (import / export)
  • Exchange of data between applications
  • Getting knowledge from the few to the many

The integrated lab

Integrated & consolidated relational databases that aggregate data from various sources and applied to application & process workflows.

Immediate Need

  • Service-oriented and microservice architectures
  • Big Data Warehouses / Marts / Lakes
  • Integration of heterogeneous formats and sources

The smart lab

All structured and unstructured data, across the virtualized enterprise is accessible, shareable, semantically enhanced and linked.

Immediate Need

  • Big Analysis
  • Real-time data streaming
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Cognitive data search and exploration

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Data Science

The 4 V's of Big Data


Mastering Data VOLUME enables you to compe- tently leverage the ever increasing data assets of your organization.

OSTHUS builds scalable, elastic capacity solutions.


Mastering Data VELOCITY enables you to make data-driven decisions in near real-time to maintain competitive advantage.

OSTHUS builds solutions that consume streaming data and apply analysis as patterns surface.


Mastering Data VARIETY enables you to take advantage of both structured and unstructured sources.

OSTHUS uses common reference structures (vocabularies) to enable easier interaction across teams and business units based on conceptual representations containing business context and perspectives.


Mastering Data VERACITY enables you to calibrate your trust in your analysis.

OSTHUS includes and leverages veracity considerations in its Big Data Analysis projects.

Big Data Variety Means That Metadata Matters

The special thing about big data in agriculture is its extreme variety.

Big Analysis Expert workshop


“Why Is It So Easy to Share Music but So Hard to Exchange Lab Data?”

Lack of Laboratory Data Standards

Allotrope Foundation is an international association of pharmaceutical and biotech companies dedicated to the building of a "Laboratory Framework" to improve efficiency in data acquisition, archiving, and management.

To allow intercompany transfer of data and sharing of data among diverse R&D partners, the Allotrope Foundation and OSTHUS developed a standardized data format and incorporate this standard into a framework for laboratory information and process data capture.

By means of a comprehensive and rigorous RFP Process, OSTHUS GmbH was chosen as the software partner to develop the Allotrope Framework.

Big Analysis - Rethinking Laboratory Data! Contact the experts for Big Data, semantics, ontologies machine learning and reasoning.

“The technology in machines such as gene sequencers and bioreactors keeps advancing, but devices rarely talk to each other.”

Matthew Campbell

(Bloomberg Business week)

About Allotrope
Allotrope Foundation is an international association of pharmaceutical and biotech companies dedicated to the building of a "Laboratory Framework" to improve efficiency in data aquisition, archiving, and management.


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The unique OSTHUS approach successfully covers the entire range of lab informatics from business process analysis to concept design including: business process mapping / optimization / harmonization, IT strategy, technology architecture, application design, and portfolio roadmap development, with deep domain experience in serving as liaisons between Pharma / Life Science R&D and IT.


OSTHUS Integrated Solutions provide a unique, proven, rapid-app-development Life Science framework based on open-standards and industry-vetted reference architectures. OSTHUS Solution Teams are experts in: requirements engineering, agile scrum methodology, turn-key solution development / test / deployment, open-standards-driven integrations, roll-out / knowledge transfer / training.


OSTHUS embodies a commitment to providing technical services that solve the key problems driven by a deep understanding your unique context. OSTHUS Service Teams assist you with day-to-day support for: managed / hosted services, application / cloud management, onsite technical support, and project management with dedicated specialists.

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