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Welcome to our digital ribbon-cutting ceremony! After weeks of writing, designing, and tinkering, we are excited to share the new OSTHUS website with you. In this sleek incarnation, we’ve focused on creating a structured view of what makes our company tick.

To give you a clear picture of what OSTHUS has been up to, we worked closely with our C-level executives and experts to update our positioning. We came away from that process with a better understanding of the four core pillars that support our activities:

  • Data and IT strategy: we guide customers in implementing processes that help them become well-oiled data machines.
  • Data governance: we help our customers manage their data like an asset, setting in motion their digital transformation.
  • Advanced analytics: we empower customers with the latest technologies, giving them the tools to delve into their data and make informed decisions.
  • Lab informatics: we work with customers on streamlining the IT systems in their lab, opening the door to their digital future.

The new content is organized around these pillars, letting you easily explore the areas you are most interested in.

For those who want to deep-dive into the challenges of life science R&D, we’ve prepared content that gives you a detailed view of some of the problems our customers face, as well as the solutions they adopt.

Last but not least, we have expanded our career pages to reflect our growth and show you the different microcosms you could join within our awesome team. In particular, we are currently looking for data governance experts to further expand our offering to customers.

We hope that our new pages will answer questions, spark ideas, and give you the inspiration to shape your future with us. Let us guide your digital transformation journey in life science R&D.

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